In picking your place, your usual environs; the conditions to which you are accustomed, play a large part. Bacolod is our pick for those that prefer a real city. If you arrive from New York City, Los Angles, Chicago (etc. etc. etc) Bacolod will be as a breath of fresh air, in the spring, but still with enough "meat" on it to prevent the boredom that would be inevitable in a smaller, more parochial place.

The traffic in Bacolod can be vexing during rush hour but is nothing, when compared to Manila or Cebu. The drivers, as a whole, are not particularly rude or aggressive. Most of the time you will know you are in a city but you will still be able to make steady progress, toward your goal.

Bacolod shows many signs of planning, not only in the present but in the past, as well. There are lots of four lane streets (no freeways yet - lol) and many of the two lanes in the central core are one way. Jeepneys abound (and that's putting it mildly) so a cheap ride is just a wave of your hand, anytime. Oh, and there are some FOXY women on those Jeepneys!

Like Kabankalan, Bacolod has all the raw materials - right on the water, not many Joes (there are some, of course), lots of small places to live in close by... In my experience, it doesn't get much better in the Philippines. But it is big and I have been told there is crime there, though it is supposed to be highly unlikely that I, as a Joe, will ever see, or experience it, provided I don't ask for trouble (like wearing a Rolex, or whatever).

While in Bacolod drop by Gunny's All American Burger (warning: military theme). It's likely you will encounter someone who will answer all your questions, in exchange for a few beer, of course .)

Yes yes, but the real draw for Bacolod is the people. They're great :)


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