Here we have a gem, uncut, unheard of and ready to become the next Dumaguete. Bayawan is near Dumaguete, but on the other (west) side of Negros Island.

This little town has a lot of schmaltz! It's approximately eight square block downtown area even gets gridlocked, every once in a while. The major commercial feature is a huge Prince department/grocery store. It has sales that rival Wal Mart, in terms of the crowds they generate!

The fine looking animal atop the page is called a carbao. He's the Philippine equivalent of a farm tractor. These guys really are huge. They seem to be so mellow, but I have heard that angering one is not a good idea .)

Unlike several other little places on the untamed west side of Negros, Bayawan has banks (and even ATMs that accept international cards), a great hotel and several restaurants of the caliber Joe wants. Right on the water (but without the downtown ocean walk that made Dumaguete famous) the beaches are mere minutes away. Money goes a long way in Bayawan.

The one discouraging factor is long-term rentals are hard to get and, when found, are usually not of the quality desired by most foreigners. Nothing is perfect and you can double that, at the very least, when dealing with the Philippines.

If you are like me - looking for a nice, peaceful and friendly little place to live (and love) out your days, please do give Bayawan a try. Maybe you will be glad you did :)


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