You may notice the lack of a Pic. That's because I found nothing on Bohol island worthy of a shot! Dead serious.

Bohol is the most visited place on the Philippine islands. Why? I have no idea. Must be something to do with it's location, being very close to Cebu, which is a major port of entry.

Taligbilarin is a smallish city in the southeast corner of Bohol and the gateway to Panglau, which is the local tourist trap. If you came looking for your basic island resort kind of thing Panglau will work, just like numerous other places on these Islands.

The story related in "Winner, Winner, Tourist Dinner" from my Philippine Primer took place in a tiny town called Anda, in the extreme west of Bohol island. The locals were not friendly. Contemptuous, is more like it. I felt safe, nor welcome there.

If you came to discover and see the real Philippines, all of Bohol island is a complete waste of your time.


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