Cagayan De Oro


There is absolutely nothing of interest, in Cagayan. The coolest place in the city is a restaurant, called High Ridge, which offers a commanding view of the city - especially at night.

Accommodation is relatively expensive. Nature's Pension, located downtown in the middle of the red light district, seems to be the best bang for your buck. Prostitution is legal and readily available in sleezy bars but if you are not looking for it, you will never know it is there. Kudos to Cagayan, on that front.

Rental accomodation is nearly impossible to find and, if you do, the houses and apartments are so tiny you will reject them. The Filipino way (networking through family) is the only thing that even might work.

Sadly, Cagayan is the current recipient of The Philippine Resource's award for the most polluted place on these islands. Cebu and Manila ran hard, indeed, but when the chips were down they were unable to compare to the filthy, literally black air in Cgayan during the evening rush hour.

WARNING: the air in this city is just barely short of lethal!

Sometimes I feel really bad about what I have to do. And so the image of a carved stone that sits in the central square of Cagayan de Oro. Ramon Magsaysay, a famous Philippine president, had little if anything to do with Cagyan but, by his words, he was a great man and the fact that those words were preserved in stone and displayed has a lot to say.


As of this witting (07/16/2017) the city called Marawi, on Mindanao island and 66 Kilometers (or 41 miles) from Cagayan De Oro, is under the control of the moslem terrorist group called ISIS and has been, since May 23rd.

ISIS terrorists know they can not hold Mrawi forever, of course, and so they are fading away - donning civilian clothing and joining the hordes trying to escape Marawi. Guess where a lot of them are trying to go?

If you go to Mindanao island you only wish you could be a fool and you richly deserve whatever happens to you.



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