In Dumaguete Joe has worn his welcome out, and then some. A very few have ruined it, for all of us. It's over - it's done. Forget it. Look elsewhere.

I have not been in the loop the whole time the Philippines has been the place to go, and never return - far from it. I have been given to understand that Dumaguete was the initial hot spot, for those that wanted to do more than vacation. It is said that more than three thousand Joes call this city home.

My time in Dumaguete was short. I went, I saw, I left. Everyone - from the people at your motel to the women that do your laundry - is laying for you. Nobody smiles your way and nobody, is glad to see you.

I asked around, involving as many people as would talk to me. There are a few men that hang out on the waterfront that are obnoxious, and aggressive. I saw them. They seem to be German. I would describe them as winos. These men get drunk every night then they get snarky, with the locals. And the locals have had about enough of it, let me tell you!

Joe seems to foul his nest, everywhere he goes. The ninety-some percent of Joes that are at least civil garner no attention and/or appreciation, whatsoever. Instead, we are judged (and damned) by the few, that are assholes. When I step into the shoes of our Filipino hosts I agree with their reactions, one hundred percent, but most certainly not with their penchant for blaming one man, for what another man does.

OK - Dumaguete is a smallish city (or a big town), on the southern tip of Negros Island. It is right on the water. The waterfront is the major attribute of the downtown area and, presumably, the main attraction of the place. The blocks facing the water are studded with hotels, bars and restaurants that cater to Joes.

A short distance west of the town proper lies Valencia - a high-dollar area that is quite nice. Many beautiful homes adorn the steep, and abundant hills. Roads are in fairly good condition but two lane, in all parts.

The smallest of the major cities I will review, Dumaguete is not plagued by the traffic from hell that is the deal breaker for cities in the Philippines but, from what I have seen, look for that to change soon. Dumaguete is right on the verge of becoming intractable, as a pleasant place to retire.

All the raw materials are there. There is a real city and places that are close, but not too close to it. Still, I would not touch it with a ten foot pole, due to the in your face animosity displayed by the local people towards myself and, I'm sure, all foreigners.

Today's "hot spot" on Negros Island is Kabankalan. We have a Page for that town, as well :)


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