Here we have classic example of the misuse of technology.

Our plan was to travel across Guimaras, on our way to Pinay island. On our way we encountered what I have come to call "the Philippine factor." It's appearance has, to date, never worked in our favor.

The sign said said both ferry boats were in need of repair and parts replacement. OK, so why not fix one of them as you use the other to continue to provide a service no doubt counted upon by those that live, and/or work on Guimaras island? The answer exists, only in the mind of a Filippino...

And so we were obliged to pay through the nose to go to Iloilo, then to double back to Guimaras. Why we went there I do not know - probably because we reserved a room at a "resort" for that night. can not be faulted for their listing - obviously, they are unable to personally verify every customer they have. When they revealed the numbers on my card without my knowledge or consent I stopped doing business with them.

After about half a mile of dirt road (containing deep holes that might well have stopped a lesser vehicle) we came upon a compound, which is called The Clara Beach. There was no place for us to park. After gaining entrance we discovered the "swimming pool" shown on was trick photography - the forth little kid entering the pool overfilled it!

Our "beach cottage" featured a huge window that was so close to the door you could easily reach through it, and unlock the room. Inside was queen sized bed and about three feet of space at it's foot - not even a table could be placed inside. Oh, and in the stead of the aforementioned beach (as in BEACH cottage) there was a mango swamp.

We drove 140 Km, all around that miserable excuse for an island, and we saw not one, single thing of interest.



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