Submitted by: Arthur PenDragon
Submission date: 05/18/2018




You BETTER read this!


05/18/2018 - an American was arrested today, as soon as he set foot in the Philippines! First, please use this link to read the story on Philippine Lifestyle News: CLICK HERE

Apparently, this man had fallen into disfavor with "the American Authorities." Since America no longer exists, there are no "American Authorities."

What we have now are the traitorous bastards that busted all our unions, closed all our factories, exported all our jobs, took away all of our civil and constitutional rights and, as icing on the cake, passed the "Patriot Act" where in it is written that any cop can walk up to you and tell you to drop down on your knees and suck his penis. If you fail to do so he can arrest you, for failing to comply with his lawful order... (Sucking penises has become lawful, thanks to these same good folks)

What happens when you read this story is all about you. If you are a simpleton (in the extreme) the application of the maximum label: CHILD MOLESTER will, no doubt, do the trick. All I can say is, fools abound, and that is why things are the way they are..

"As soon as (the man's) intention to meet the girl was confirmed, he was arrested." (from the article). Was the man given enough time to ask the girl for proof that she was eighteen years of age, as she apparently claimed? No. This was a setup, plain and simple.

According to the article, the age of this girl was 17. Where I live (Indiana) the age of consent is 16, as it is in most states. (For proof of that, CLICK HERE) So Big Brother "alerted" the Philippines, in order to get this man busted for something that would have been legal in his own country! And the Philippines responded, with the ever-present dollar signs in their eyes, as usual. Apparently, Mr. Dutarte does not mind doing the dirty work for the USA, provided there is some money to be made. And the result of this arrest will be money, without doubt.

Let's face it, pplz: God made males to want sex with females; females, to want sex with males and God put no age limits in place. God made It's definition of a child obvious, via a process known as puberty. Now men have turned God's way into a trap, for those that do what comes naturally...

And this, my friends and customers, is where you come in. Be very careful what you say, or even imply, as you flirt on the internet before coming to the Philippines! Big Brother is watching, listening and reading, as always. It would be a good idea to inform any and all women with whom you interact that you will demand their identification, if and when you meet, and if they can not PROVE they are of age, you do not want to meet them.


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