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I purchased a round trip ticket from Cheapo Air. The airline was Korean air. I asked, and I was told that it would cost $120 (U.S.) to change the date of my return flight.

Today I called and the price was "slightly higher" - to the tune of $890 (U.S.) That's right - $900, to simply change a flight date.

My round-trip ticket cost less than $800!



When I was a kid there were all these old men, sitting around and telling anyone that would listen to them how the world had gone straight to hell, and... Now it's my turn. In my time the government would have stepped in and put an end to this, real quick. But now the government has been bought by the rich, so...

The honest way to run any business - to come up with a price, for anything - is to define your cost of supplying that thing, then add the markup you want to make. But I was informed by Korean Air that the price of a ticket changes, each and every day, because of "supply and demand." I asked the woman several times if she thought she was dealing with a fool. Never got a straight answer but I didn't need one, as that answer was so very much more than obvious!

She (and they) thought they were ripping off an individual that had no way of making their extortion known, to anyone else. OOPS :)

I will spare you the expletives. Instead, I will tell you that if your relative is on their death bed the dirtbag, ripoff, extortionist SKUM at Korean Air stand ready, willing and oh, so very able to filch what they can from you, in your time of need, because they've GOT you, Joe. You're here in the Philippines and you NEED to be in your country. You would be better off to display weakness to a pack of hyenas, than to the amoral bastards at Korean Air!


In a world filled to, and well past overflowing with people, Murphy's Law prevails. Murphy's Law states that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, eventually.

It just may be that not all airplane accidents are accidents, or the work of "terrorists." I can easily envision a scenario, wherein someone was unable to produce the King's ransom demanded by the extortionist scum bags at Korean Air, perhaps due to the daily limit on their card and the fact that when it's day here, it's night there. The inability to pay prevented that person from being at the side of his wife while she died, as she tried to deliver a premature child. That man was so distraught and filled with righteous rage that he found a way, to put a plane down.

So, do you want to be on one of Korean Air's flights? Not me...

DO NOT read what is not here. I make, nor imply threats. I would never do anything of that nature, but only because of the innocent people involved. If I could hit back, I certainly would.

Now The Philippine Resource provides a way to do something, at least. Now I am not completely powerless. Now I can tell anyone and everyone that is interested to avoid Korean Air like a whore, with HIV. This article is my pathetic effort, to do so.

I would like to exterminate not only every corporate maggot on this planet but the mentality of evil, manifested as greed, which is their creed, as well. I really appreciate the chance, to hit back. Now, you have the same chance. Use it, because on day one of my classes in business administration I learned that the consumer is the prime regulator, of business activity.

Let's get regulating, shall we?

In my case, I will just hurt. I did not bring enough medicine. I use a drug called NAMBUMETONE for my arthritis. When I take it, I simply do not have arthritis. When I don't take it... My pills are not available in the Philippines.

I can hear the corporate bullies at Korean Air laughing as they read about a 67 year old man suffering, rather than to take it in the ass from them. I don't believe in hell but there have been several times when I have wished I was wrong, about that.


Your excuse is gone. Now you know that if you do business with these... words fail me, for once... and if you... have a medical problem (as just one example) and need to go home on any date, other that the one agreed upon when you bought the ticket, the price will be anal sex (with no grease) and lots of it.


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