Our Stories are not of the bedtime, or even the ribald variety. Here we have stories of what happened to our members, while they were in the Philippines.

I have heard many stories. Notable, among them, was a story about a Joe that deposited $10,000 U.S. in a bank chosen by the Philippine immigration department, in order to achieve retirement status on his visa. Then that bank went broke, and the Joe lost his money.

Do I believe that story? No, I do not. If one of our members told it, and said it happened to him, I would believe it. Certainly, no sane person would, or even could say that our users do not need to know about things like that, if and when they happen!

Of course, we need good stories as well; some salt, to go into the pepper, if you will. A few (or even a bunch of) good, heart-warming stories would be most welcome, as they might tend to balance this site out a little. I would like that - a lot.

And so I, your crazy host, encourage you to submit stories. Don't worry if you think your writing is not pretty. I will dress it up for you and make it acceptable, while doing my level best to retain your meaning, and the feelings that go with it.


The Philippine Primer

First among what I fervently hope will be many stories is my 'Philippine Primer' - containing an intergalactic overdose of real, street-level and gritty information. Other sites have told you all about the roses, and the roses really are here, in all abundance. But now it's time to stop, and smell the dog doo.

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Looking for Love in the Philippines?

You BETTER read this!


This story is a must-read for anyone even thinking about going to the Philippines for the purpose of finding a partner, or even a little fun.

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Our next story personifies the reason we are here. It is about a SCREAMING ripoff that happened to one of our members and waits in the shadows, to happen to YOU.

As you watch (read) user # 44 will hand what he perceives as a bunch of corporate criminals their heads, on platters made of dried dogshit!

Please notice the structure of this most exemplary story - the facts are stated, bare bones, then user # 44 makes it obvious where the facts end and his own, personal perceptions and feelings begin.

If we are to escape being sued out of existence (which is yet to be known) this is the way we will do it - by making it plain, in the extreme, that what we say is not represented as fact, but as our personal reactions to what happened, instead.

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