There is no truth, only perception. My definition of truth is a statement, that is not a lie. My definition of a lie is a statement, made with intent to deceive. By those definitions, what I have written about the Philippines is true.

There is no way to remove the identity of the storyteller, from the story. Were you and I to witness the same event we would, without doubt, perceive it differently and, were we to describe that event (especially in writing) I will grantee you our stories would be different, in the same ways we are different.

I know you did not come here for a philosophic discussion. My purpose is not to boor you. Still, I simply must say that, though I made my best effort to tell it like it is, all I (or anyone else) can do is tell it like it is to me.


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This is an OUTLAW web site. We break the rules (notice the black background). We most certainly ARE NOT politically correct, by any stretch of the imagination! Our pages are peppered with expletives, and the occasional F bomb. This site is not suitable for younger children!

Having said all that - dirty language, while tolerated in small and infrequent amounts, most certainly is not encouraged. “Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” (Spencer Kimball)

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I frequently check the data usage of this site, which is available to me in fine detail. When I see images or text being downloaded (as opposed to accessed in the normal manner) I respond by permanently banning the IP number to which the download went. You were warned.




Much of the information you will find on this web site was submitted by our users.

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Trolls don't last long here. My fuse is short. You are an adult. You know how to act. If someone interacts with you in a manner for which you do not care do not respond, in kind. I'm here - all the time. If you have a problem with another user (or anything else) talk to me - use the "contact" link on the initial page. I will take care of it.

The purpose of this site is, in part, to provide a place where communication can be accomplished and connections, even friends, can be made. None of that can, or will happen in an environment wherein people are too intimidated to contribute. Those that can not play nice will play, elsewhere. Think I'm bluffing? Try me out :)

I do, however, supply a forum where anything goes...




This is not your average web site. A normal site wants to attract anyone, and everyone. This site is different - it has a very narrow propose and, therefore, a very exclusive audience. If you have no need of what this site has to offer, there is no reason for you to be here; no good reason, at least.

This site offers value to foreigners (Joes) living in the Philippines, visiting the Philippines or planning/considering same. Because we are a group of like-minded individuals, only those people that fit our criterion are welcome to use this web site.

By entering this site you certify that you are not a native of the Philippines and you: a) live in the Philippines (permanently or temporarily) b) are visiting the Philippines or c) are considering and/or planning on going to the Philippine Islands. Those found to be in violation of these qualifications will be removed from the site, forthwith.

If you are Filipino read this, before you get bent out of shape. You don't know what "bent out of shape" means, now, do you? Bent out of shape is angry.

And here we have the reason I reject any person who is not a Joe; because we do not share a "frame of reference" - we do not speak the same language - in so many more ways than just that one. I know being excluded is not cool. I know it first hand, each and every day, as my Lady and our friends jabber away like birds, in a freakin' tree...

Well, this is Joe's place, and that's just the way it is :)


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